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Max HIts

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Max hits is a fun entertaining mid day show on Max FM with AMAZING conversations, fun games, Call ins & Celebrity Interviews. It's an all-round roller coaster of fun content, hosted by award winning multimedia personality SHINE BEGHO and the award-winning head-warmer OAP, REALSKILLZ. Together they are the magic team giving you that feel good radio vibe on the Max Hits Radio show.

Max Hits airs every week day from 10am-2pm with each day each boasting of a unique theme.

MOVIE MONDAY AND MORE: Mondays is for “Movie Monday and More” on Max Hits. Everything movies is talked about from latest releases, to movie reviews to what’s showing in the cinemas, coming soon movies, box office ratings and of course entertainment gist all wrapped up with Hit music to make the more!

WEIRD TUESDAY AND MORE: Tuesdays are weird days on Max Hits and is designated “Weird Tuesday And More”. Everything weird is discussed from weird news to weird jokes, weird happenings mixed up with interactive social media convos, call in and hit music to make up the more!

WILD WEDNESDAYS & MORE: Wednesdays are Wild, the conversation is wild, the entertainment gist is wild everything is wild, but the music is all about the hits. Wednesday is designated “Wild Wild Wednesday And More” but of course entertainment gist all wrapped up with Hit music completes it up to make the more!

TIME TRAVEL THURSDAY AND MORE: Thursdays are for Time Travelling in Music and Entertainment. We travel back in time, travel to the present and to the future. Also, if you are looking for a cool vacation spot to visit, make sure you are locked to Vacation Spots with Shine on Thursdays, a unique travel feature that comes your way every Thursday on Max Hits. Of course, Hit music and Entertainment gist intermix all the other exciting information every step of all the way to give you more!

TURN UP FRIDAY: Fridays are for turning up, it’s more music less talk Friday, full of entertainment gist and the weeks round up of entertainment happenings.

Max Hits boasts of amazing fun and giveaway segments that are constant features on the show every day, these are:

THE GUESS GAME – where the listeners can guess the voice of a celebrity to win Airtime and other gift prizes on the show.

TIME ATTACK – where the listeners get an alphabet and have to beat the timer to tell us the name of a person, animal, place and thing, which corresponds to the given alphabet before the time runs out.

BATTLE OF THE STARS – is another exciting daily feature where we match up two music celebrities and the listeners vote to decide who is better based on what the battle factor is for the day (e.g. the better vocalist, the better rapper, the better performer, the more talented, etc)

ROAST OR TOAST – is a no holds barred segment where the listeners vote if we should set fire to a celebrity and roast him/her or raise our glasses to commend and toast a celebrity depending on the stance or actions of that celebrity which makes the news. No sentiments on Roast or Toast, just addressing important and interesting issues in society through Entertainment and roasting or toasting no matter who the celebrity is.

One thing is an unmistakable fact, Max Hits is the dopest Midday show in Nigeria and its mind-blowing fun all the way on the show with SHINE AND REAL SKILLZ.

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