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Prior to the celebration of the International Women’s Day over the world,  Nigerian pop singer, Tiwa Savage, has shared that women are still underappreciated considering what the standard should be. Tiwa Savage hopes one day, the women in her life will start to feel happy when other members of the gender are achieving their objectives. […]

Nigerian artiste and crooner of ‘One’, Tiwa Savage debunks rumors that she allegedly to have dumped Donjazzy‘s record label “Marvin Record” after a post surfaced online with her in a group picture with the “The Temple Management Company”. She posted on her IG status that it is not true. “Pls guys this is not true” she […]

Nigerian singer, Danny Young, has filed for copyright infringement against the Mavin Record act, Tiwa Savage. He accused her of intellectual property theft, following the release of her music single One. In a video shared by the singer, he disclosed that the songstress had stolen content from his 2009 single, Oju Tiwon. Danny Young claims, was […]

Multiple award-winning singer, Tiwa Savage who hasn’t updated since her last post in December 2018 sent out a number of tweets explaining her need for a break and also subtly announcing her exciting new endorsement deal with Star Radler. The “Ma Lo” crooner also reposted a number of tweets about the endorsement. Tiwa Savage’s endorsement comes just […]

Tiwa Savage, the award winning musician, has ended her nearly two-month long social media break . The super star took to twitter to make the announcement, after almost two months of going off social media and leaving fans curious about her whereabouts and plans. The singer shared a tweet on Saturday night announcing that for […]

Wizkid and his best friend, Tiwa Savage are definitely enjoying their time off social media. Recently Tiwa Savage was off social media without giving notice. However, Wizkid had told his fans via Twitter that he was going off social media till March. In a now-viral video on social media, Tiwa Savage and Wizkid are both spotted having […]

Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records has just landed in a major partnership deal with Kupanda Holdings which is aimed at creating better opportunities for African music. The record label, which is focused on scaling operations to meet the rapidly growing international demand for African music, on growing its roster and on strengthening its services across A&R, […]

Nigerian female singer, Tiwa Savage has been away from the public eye since the beginning of this year. One would wonder where or what the singer has been up to. Concerns have been raised by fans because Tiwa does more of social media to keep her fans abreast on what she’s up to. It’s now […]

Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage recently got a YouTube Ban for copyright infringement of Danny Young’s song. Danny Young alleged on his Instagram page that she took a line off his 2009 single, Oju ti Won. But Tiwa Savage refused to comment and went ahead to release the visuals of the song. In a chat with […]

‘One’, a single released by Tiwa Savage in November 2018, has been taken down from YouTube. Danny Young, an Afropop artiste, had alleged that the singer lifted the lyrics of his song for her single. Young’s song, ‘Oju Ti Ti Won’, was released in 2008. He had threatened to file an intellectual copyright suit against […]

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